Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Closemindedness and Music

I'm getting sick of dealing with close-minded people when it comes to music.

Yes, everyone is biased and has some irrational opinions, but most people take it too far. I can sometimes come down hard on certain genres (indie and modern hip hop, go fuck right off), but at the very least, I give almost everything a chance, because even if I find I don't like it, I might discover a cool song or two along the way, which makes the whole effort worthwhile.

But then you get some people who feel the need to impose their ill-founded judgments onto others. Needlessly slandering a whole genre they think they know something about, but in reality, they don't. I can quote something like this for almost every genre.

"You listen to trance? I hate that fucking doof-doof music!"

"Classical? You preppy poser piece of shit!"

"Folk? What are you, queer?"

These people are generally just retards whose tastes are guided by whatever is in the top 40, or whatever 'scene' they are in. They can't realise that people that bag out their music do so mainly because they have to hear it every fucking day. They have to put up with it out in public, in shops, at work, on billboards and every other area where they are bombarded with shit. So when a mindless peon tells them a band they like is shit, they have every right to insult them, and their crappy bands/artists.

The crux of the argument, is fuck Short Stack.

How could you not want to punch them in the face and set their hair on fire? But that's another blog post.


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  2. I'm right here with you man, post-2000 indie is so ridiculously uncreative and repetitive and totally image based.
    Yet they claim their influences are The Beatles and The Beach Boys etc, those bands were actually creative so where is the influence?
    Bollocks I say!